Company Profile

Jinhan lighting( company which intergrating development ,design ,manufacture and marketing .we indraught the world’s advance management ,business strategy and technology equipment ,to create a strong independent research and development of production capacity
Jinhan innovation-business philosophy has always been based on the leading edge lighting design, has introduced a new fashion trend of the leading lights ,in order to maintain this advantage , jinhan select designers on a regular basis to Europe and the united states and Hongkong for training. it will be strongly? intergrate Europe ‘s rich culture and local customs ,and create practical and aesthetic compatibility of modern lighting, to ensure that the lights are flashing art technology and brilliant.
Jinhan precision from the wonderful aspects of eath : company mangers and experienced designers, technical systems integration for skilled workers ,from beginning to end strictly controlled by the norms of work thus ensuring jinhan excellent quanlity and stabilily.
Sutainable development and steady expansion, jinhan built system to improve the quality of service, jinhan not only become a “lighting capital guzhen “the most powerful brand, and “lighting capital guzhen” as the center of global radiation.
New century to provide jinhan new opportunities for development, so that jinhan go out of the country to participate in the global competion to build the world’s? jinhan aircraft lighting to make unremitting efforts.